“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”
by George Bernard
and chef Preet lives by those words.
From her humble beginning as a cleaner in a small country town restaurant to owning her own fine-dining cuisine in Diamond Creek says it all about her love, passion and unbeatable dedication towards the food.
She comes to Bua ji with a wealth of experience, having world various cuisines for over 9 to 10 years as a chef in fine food service establishments.
Chef Preet has excellent resources at her disposal and has the ability to transform ordinary ingredients into a broad range of gastronomic delights. Chef Preet is the mastermind behind the exclusive colourful dishes and appetite movement in Diamond Creek.
Coupled with her western cooking skills, her deep-rooted Indian traditions, preserving and hard work – she dreams and aspires to provide the best food experience to Diamond Creek and nearby communities.

At Bua Ji, we are driven to provide our guests with the highest possible hospitality standards. Our team is committed to providing the freshest ingredients, highest possible quality, all beautifully prepared and presented so that a typical dinner becomes a great experience.

It’s just the right mix of our traditional décor and fresh food prepared by our experienced chef and passionate cook, served by our friendly customer service oriented wait staff.

We deliver a great dining experience.

Come and enjoy our hospitality. We can’t wait to share it with you.